Daniel Marlos

Spatial Relationships

October 9 – November 7, 1998
Santa Monica

Opening reception: Friday, October 9, 6-8pm 

Blum & Poe is pleased to present the first solo exhibition of Daniel Marlos’ “Spatial Relationships” from October 9 through November 7.

Each of the Spatial Relationships consists of two adjacent images divided by the frame line from a single roll of film. On the most basic level, the works consist of two locations, and the inhabitants of those locations. The first of these locations is the home of the photographer and the second is the home of the model. Only one of the inhabitants appears in each set of images, the other is off-screen.  Based on traditional cinematic film editing theories, most notably those of Lev Kuleshov, Marlos' works weave elements of performance, formalism, narrative and domesticity to make a quietly stunning mediation on art and life.

On October 13, at a location to be announced, Blum & Poe will present Daniel Marlos’ 13 x 13.

“The film 13 x 13 is structural and not narrative in nature. On the thirteenth of the month for thirteen months, beginning 13 January 1997, one 100 foot daylight spool of black and white film was shot. These individual short films were then assembled chronologically to form 13 x 13. The integrity of each month's film is maintained in its entirety and the titles are included for each segment. The film is not meant to be seamless. The sutures between each component show on the final print. Nothing has been removed from any of the spools; all original camera footage that was shot is maintained. As a result, the errors and traumas all appear in the final presentation. The planned structure does not always agree with the produced structure.” -Daniel Marlos

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