Hirsch Perlman

March 24 – April 21, 2001
Santa Monica

Opening reception: Saturday, February 21, 6–8pm

Blum & Poe is pleased to present a large body of new photographs and a DVD projection by the artist Hirsch Perlman.

The exhibition will consist of 72 black and white photographs from four new series of work including Apparatum Armorum Ineptum, My Reproof, and Operation Idiocracy. In addition, a DVD projection of the new video works 5th and 6th Affect Studies will be presented in the project room.

For the series Apparatum Armorum Ineptum  all photos were shot at night on the roof of the artist's home at night over a period of thirteen months. The images feature rockets and sculptural figures that are drawn with light, some with the help of temporary jigs crafted by the artist. Each photo has been carefully choreographed and executed over long exposure times allowing for the incorporation of such ancillary activities as drawing and reading into the photo making process. As with Hirsch's previous photographs, all works are simultaneously performance, sculpture, and allegory all layered into one.

Throughout his career, Hirsch Perlman has incorporated in his practice a wide range of mediums including sculpture, photography, video and performance to study the systems of rhetoric and persuasion at work in various subject matters from architecture, documentary, law, and techniques of interrogation, to most recently, acting.

Coming off of years of highly rigorous work with affinities to Kosuth, Nauman and conceptual photography, Perlman has reinvented both himself and the ways in which powerful work develops from turning inward.  The Keaton-like scenarios seen in some of his work with actors is performed as a different sort of character study altogether in the new work. Now, cardboard, duct tape, rubber bands, hand-made box cameras and pixels stand in for actors and dialogue.

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