Mark Grotjahn

May 20 – July 1, 2000
Santa Monica

Blum & Poe are pleased to present a one-person exhibition of new work by Los Angeles based artist Mark Grotjahn, May 20 through July 1.

Grotjahn's highly personalized work abuts the everyday with an aesthetic strategy that is filtered through the formal conventions of pop art, conceptualism, performance and pure mark-making. In his second exhibition with Blum & Poe, Grotjahn will present perspectival and flower paintings.

While the perspectival paintings formally confront idealized space, the flower and plant paintings are more personal works based on real drawings by the artist's grandfather. While these investigations may initially appear disparate, there is actually great consistency regarding Grotjahn's touch, palette and peculiar practice of apparently limiting his vocabulary in order to open an investigation into the possibilities and potential for painting. 

Selected Works

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