Sharon Lockhart, Frances Stark, Laura Owens

June 7 – July 12, 1997
Santa Monica

Opening reception: July 11, 6-8pm

Opening June 7 - July 12, Blum & Poe will present a collaborative exhibition of work by Los Angeles based artists Sharon Lockhart, Laura Owens and Frances Stark.

All three artists are actively working in distinctly different media, with Lockhart using photography and film, Stark using language and paper and Owens creating abstract paintings; yet, through an intense, often daily conversation involving discussion and examination of each other’s work, these three artists have influenced each other in varying ways.

This exhibition is an investigation into the nature of discourse and dialogue amongst friends, amongst artists. Whereas most group shows intend to highlight the obvious similarities between artists of a particular moment in time, this show intends to examine the subtle influences among a group of young artists coming of age at a crucial moment in the history of Los Angeles art.

A format of 4 x 4 feet per work has been established for each artist. A conjunctive multiple produced by the artists during the course of the show consisting of a box of influences, ideas and unique works by each artist will also be available.

Selected Works

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