Three Day Weekend: Three Way Weekend

Organized by Dave Muller
January 28 – 31, 2016
Los Angeles

Three Day Weekend at Blum & Poe, Grice Bench, and ROGERS combine forces to create Three Way Weekend, an art show with three locations and ten manifestations.   

"When Blum & Poe first agreed to host a year's worth of TDW shows, I started a conversation with Brian Sharp at ROGERS about a show involving a gallery swap, sort of a version of Michael Asher's famous work from 1977 where Claire S. Copley Gallery traded shows with Morgan Thomas. Turns out that ROGERS was thinking of sharing a booth with Grice Bench at the Art Los Angeles Contemporary art fair.  We all got to talking and decided that one set of three was better than two sets of two." - Dave Muller  

Three Way Weekend will be held at three venues: Three Day Weekend at Blum & Poe in Los Angeles; ALAC Booth A7, at the Barker Hanger in Santa Monica; and ROGERS in Cypress Park.


Each gallery/artspace has created a show to exhibit.

Three Day Weekend will show Dave Muller's three replicas of the infamous Wrong Gallery from 2004. The Wrong Gallery was the smallest exhibition space in New York, located at 516A1/2 West 20th Street in Chelsea, opening in 2002 and closing in September 2005. Inside each gallery will be an installation by Brian Sharp, Dave Muller or Jon Pylypchuk.  

Grice Bench will show paintings by Roger White as suggested/commissioned by Jacob Stewart-Halevy along with a video by Stewart-Halevy.  

ROGERS will show Dave Muller sculptures of André Cadere crates.  


On Thursday, January 28th, Grice Bench, ROGERS, and Three Day Weekend will exhibit simultaneously at the ALAC booth from 7-9pm.
Starting Friday, January 29th each show will be exhibited in one of the spaces for a day (Fri, Sat or Sun). The exhibitions will rotate venues daily.  

On Friday, January 29th, Three Day Weekend will exhibit at the ALAC booth, ROGERS will exhibit at TDW at Blum & Poe, and Grice Bench will exhibit at ROGERS.  

On Saturday, January 30th, ROGERS will exhibit at the ALAC booth, Grice Bench will exhibit at TDW at Blum & Poe, and Three Day Weekend will exhibit at ROGERS.  

On Sunday, January 31st, Grice Bench will exhibit at the ALAC booth, Three Day Weekend will exhibit at TDW at Blum & Poe, and ROGERS will exhibit at ROGERS.  


There will be a handout chart at each venue. Visit all three shows, get you card checked off, and you'll receive a special-editioned version of the card.    

The first viewer to bring in a marked card with all nine iterations of the Friday-Sunday shows will receive a grand prize of a Brand-New Vacuum Cleaner!!!  

Employees of Grice Bench, ROGERS, or Three Day Weekend are not eligible for the grand prize.  

ALAC (booth A7) is located in the Barker Hanger at the Santa Monica Airport.  3021 Airport Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90405. TDW hours are 7-9pm on Thursday, 11am-7pm on Friday and Saturday and 11-6pm on Sunday.  

ROGERS is located at 1327 Cypress Ave. (enter on Chaucer) LA, CA 90065. TDW hours are noon-4pm.  

Three Day Weekend at Blum & Poe is located at 2727 S. La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90034. TDW hours are noon-6pm.

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