Artnet News: March Avery

July 26, 2019

Caroline Goldstein

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These Poetic Paintings About the Small Moments in Life Show Why March Avery Is Much More Than Just Milton Avery’s Daughter
By: Caroline Goldstein 

What the Gallery Says: “In March Avery’s work we are presented with a looking glass of sorts in which origin is itself preserved by the nature of its own reflection,” writes Jenni Crain in the exhibition catalogue. In brightly colored canvases that focus “on portraiture and landscape… punctuated with still life, the selection of works on view repositions the vitality of moments passed through paint applied to canvas… These diaristic tendencies that characterize Avery’s oeuvre encapsulate a lifelong commitment to the process of painting itself.”

Why It’s Worth a Look: Though she may have lived her entire life known as the daughter of Milton Avery and Sally Michel, March Avery has carved out her own place as a deft painter. This is the first large-scale solo show of Avery’s work in New York in more than 20 years, and her first show with Blum & Poe.

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