Artnews: Dia Art Foundation Acquires Works by Lee Ufan and Kishio Suga

July 10, 2017

Carolyn Twersky

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Dia Art Foundation Acquires Works by Lee Ufan and Kishio Suga
By: Carolyn Twersky

Dia Art Foundation has added eight works by the artists Lee Ufan and Kishio Suga to its collection. Two of the works by Suga can currently be seen at Dia:Chelsea in New York, in an exhibition that opened last fall and continues through July 29.

Both artists are members of the Mono-ha movement, which emerged in Japan in the 1960s and focuses on natural and man-made materials. The acquisition’s three pieces by Ufan feature materials like steel, wood, and rope—to highlight, according to a Dia statement, “the interconnectedness of varied materials.” 

“The addition of Lee Ufan and Kishio Suga to Dia’s collection was a natural progression,” Jessica Morgan, Dia’s director, said in a statement that alludes to the foundation’s “commitment to reflect a greater understanding of the seminal work that was being made internationally during the period that Dia has championed.” Morgan added: “Both artists were contributing to parallel conversations around Minimalism and Postminimalism in the 1960s and 1970s, and are still developing their resonant and influential practices today.”

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