Elephant Magazine: March Avery

August 9, 2019

Charlotte Jansen

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The Seven Essential Artists You Need to Know
By: Charlotte Jansen

Eighty-seven is a ripe old age to get your first solo show at a major New York gallery. March Avery’s works will be showing at Blum & Poe throughout August—the first time her work has been seen in the city for two decades. What’s wonderful about having an exhibition at this stage of your career is the sheer volume of work to choose from: Avery has done portraits, landscapes and still lifes. She has painted everything close and dear to her—and she has painted almost every day, for eighty years straight. The quiet comfort of the domestic is an atmosphere that Avery returns to again and again; children sit on their mother’s laps, there are bedtime stories, board games and abundant breakfasts, soft furnishings and cats. It’s her own world that although undoubtedly influenced by her famous painter parents (Milton Avery and Sally Michel) has become firmly her own. 

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Blum & Poe Los Angeles, New York, and Tokyo will be closed for the summer from August 14 through August 28.