Introducing Blum & Poe Broadcasts

March 27, 2020

In solidarity with those social distancing and connecting remotely in this challenging moment, Blum & Poe has implemented new digital strategies to cultivate community and share new projects by artists.

Broadcasts is a new platform for presenting artists' work in conjunction with physical installations or as standalone digital endeavors. Accompanied by new content offering a deeper look into the life and practice of the artist, this online space also provides direct access to our sales team.  

We're excited to launch Broadcasts with two presentations focusing on the work of Mimi Lauter and Paloma Bosquê subsequent to the COVID-19-initiated closures of their exhibitions, respectively installed in New York and Tokyo. 

Mimi Lauter: Symphony No. 1
Access here

Mimi Lauter's arrangements of radiant colors crescendo to a celebration of the human spirit – a joyous marking of the connections between memories and dreams, personal stories and myths, birth and death.

Paloma Bosquê: Dark Matter
Access here

Paloma Bosquê experiments with the texture, weight and balance of a wide variety of materials, including some which are not typical of sculpture: brass, felt, bronze, coal, gum rosin, bee's wax, beef casing, craft paper, coffee sieves and wool.


Blum & Poe Broadcasts presents the first episode in a series of vertical videos sharing artists' anecdotes and narrations from behind the scenes. 

Episode 1: Mimi Lauter introduces her garden – a parallel practice to her painting, both of which meditate on and celebrate the seasons of life and the beauty of mortality.

View here on IGTV.


For some mellow moments at home, tune in to the Broadcasts channel on Spotify for playlists selected by a rotating cast of artists. 

This week's sounds are brought to you by Friedrich Kunath.

Listen here.


During this era of shelter in place, visit our website for free and public access to scholarship and writerly ponderings from our Blum & Poe publications archives. 

In focus this week  essays from the upcoming publication New Images of Man (Los Angeles: Blum & Poe, 2020) edited by Alison M. Gingeras. 

A New Family of Man by Antonina Gugała
Read here

(New) New Images of Man by Alison M. Gingeras
Read here


"The last two weeks have been unlike anything I imagined would happen, and yet retrospectively I've found the writing of certain authors, from just the past year or two, have helped me grasp the meaning of our current condition of social isolation..." 

Broadcasts presents musings by artists from their homes to yours. This week check out Julian Hoeber on The Earth Dies Streaming – A. S. Hamrah's collection of film criticisms (n+1 Books, 2018).

Read here


We were grateful to be able to donate unused personal protective equipment to local medical workers. Learn how you can donate here.

Blum & Poe is proud to donate to Meals on Wheels, delivering nutritious meals to the country's most vulnerable seniors in this difficult time, and to PATH, People Assisting The Homeless. Learn how you can donate here and here

Wishing everyone health and calm states of mind. 
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