Linder | Bower of Bliss: An Improper Architecture | Kettle's Yard, Cambridge, UK

May 18, 2020

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The Bower of Bliss: An Improper Architecture takes sensuality as a theme, as well as an effect of the performance. Specifically, it concerns the gendered association of feeling with femininity and rationality or thought with masculinity. Linder gestures to the ramifications of this distinction in history and in language, and reclaims the persecuted feminine realm as a space that may mean differently. This overturning was a long time coming. 

— Amy Tobin


Performers: Lauren Fitzpatrick, Kirstin Halliday, Gia Jones, Lilian Wang and Ashley Young. Music composed and performed by Maxwell Sterling with Kenichi Iwasa and Inter Alios choir of Murray Edwards College and Churchill College. Costumes designed by Louise Gray. Cinematography by Fatosh Olgacher. 

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