Linder: Linderism | Kettle's Yard, University of Cambridge, UK

February 15 – April 26, 2020

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Curated by Amy Tobin

Kettle's Yard is pleased to present an exhibition exploring Linder as performance artist, zine-maker, musician, documentary-photographer, collaborator, muse, guru, medium and body-builder. 

Through the use of the Kettle's Yard Archive, Linder also investigates Helen Ede's elusive presence in Kettle's Yard. Linder reinstates Helen through the creation of "House of Helen," a brand of products available in the shop. A series of new commissions engage all five senses and see Linder staging interventions in all areas of Kettle's Yard.

Linder was born in Liverpool in 1954 and was an active figure in the punk and post-punk music scenes. Probably best known for her album cover designs, her photomontages often combine everyday images taken from fashion or home magazines with images from pornography.

The exhibition is produced in association with Newcastle University's Hatton Gallery, where it will travel in September 2020. A new publication about the exhibition featuring contributions by James Boaden, Alyce Mahon, Amy Tobin, and Sarah Victoria Turner is forthcoming.

On March 14th Linder will stage a new performance with a soundtrack by musician Maxwell Sterling at Murray Edwards College, Cambridge, the home of the New Hall Collection of art by women. For more information about upcoming events related to the exhibition, including the English premiere of Linder's film Bower of Bliss, click here

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