The Daiwa Foundation: Translating Kishio Suga: Things. Situations. Unfoldings.

October 15, 2020

Watch here

From 1972 to 1981, artist Kishio Suga published a series of fragmentary statements in the exhibition listings section of Japanese art journal Bijutsu Techō. Not quite poems, and certainly not explanations of the exhibited work, the texts are propositions for thinking about how things come together in what Suga calls “situations,” or immersive fields of radical equality and interdependence between objects and perceivers. Maerkle and Williamson used readings of new translations of Suga’s statements as a jumping-off point for discussing themes including active silences, deep-time, quantum entanglement, and related works by other artists across diverse mediums. In doing so, they explored the potential for translation in all its forms.

Music: "ものしりのそらへ" by mekoisu

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